Why Do I Need a Doctor for a Bump on the Head?

Serious injuries to the brain do not always become apparent right away. Known as delayed onset injuries, the symptoms can increase over a potentially extended period. A visit to your doctor can identify injuries that you do not see, providing the opportunity to start any needed treatment early. If you sustain a brain injury due to the negligent acts of other parties, you should also consult with an experienced brain injury lawyer in Salt Lake City to identify any legal options available for pursuing compensation.

Just as the severity of brain injuries can range from mild to severe, victims can experience a similar range of symptoms. Of course, most people who lose consciousness even for a short period realize they need to see a doctor. According to WebMD, head injury victims can experience symptoms even months after the initial injury, such as the following:

  • Problems with clear thinking or memory
  • Headaches, dizziness, or problems with vision
  • Changes in normal emotional patterns
  • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping more than usual

Even injuries that seem minor at their onset can result in costly medical treatment and therapy. All too often, they leave victims with long-term or permanent disabilities that prevent them from earning a living. If you suffer a head injury resulting from the negligent or willful acts of others, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. An experienced Salt Lake City brain injury lawyer can help make sure you avoid signing off on insufficient insurance settlement offers by enlisting the aid of medical resources necessary to accurately assess the full value of your claim.

The catastrophic injury attorneys at Larsen, Larsen, Nash & Larsen are prepared to help you pursue the fair compensation you deserve when the negligent acts of others leave you with serious head and brain injuries. We offer free consultations to individuals throughout northern Utah. Contact us to learn how we can help.