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Our lawyers at Larsen, Larsen, Nash & Larsen have many years of experience representing clients who face all types of theft. In Utah, cash is the most common stolen item. Vehicle parts, electronics, clothing, and tools are among other popular items that are commonly stolen. The types of theft crimes punishable in Utah include the following:

  • Burglary – Entering or remaining unlawfully in a building with the intent to commit a felony, theft or assault on any person
  • Burglary of Vehicle – Unlawful entering any vehicle with the intent to commit a felony or theft
  • Robbery – Taking the property of another individual against his or her will
  • Aggravated robbery – A robbery with use of or threat to use a weapon, that causes another individual injury or involves the stealing of a car
  • Wrongful appropriation – Temporary theft or control of the property of another individual without express consent
  • Theft by extortion or deception (larceny) – Obtaining the property of another individual by threatening violent and/or nonviolent but harmful consequences to the person if he or she does not cooperate, or by deceiving the person
  • Accepting stolen property – Receiving property you know or believe to be illegally obtained
  • Theft of services – Avoiding or refusing payment for services, or obtaining services through coercion, deception or force, and without intent to pay
  • Retail theft – Shoplifting, removing or altering a label, or intentionally under-ringing an item

Utah Robbery Classifications

There are a few main factors that determine how theft charges in Utah are classified. These factors include the value of the property stolen, the number of previous criminal convictions (if any) and any other circumstances involved in the theft. Your theft may be classified as a misdemeanor or felony offense, depending on the severity of the crime. The classification guidelines are as follows:


Class B misdemeanor

  • When the value of stolen property is $500 or less

Class A misdemeanor

  • When the value of stolen property is from $500 to $1,500

Third-degree felony

  • When the value of stolen property is between $1,500 and $5,000
  • Two theft convictions within a ten year period

Second-degree felony

  • When the value of stolen property is more than $5,000
  • The stolen property includes a vehicle or firearm
  • You were accused of using a firearm or were armed with a dangerous weapon

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