Premises Liability

Knowledgeable Premises Liability Lawyers In Salt Lake City

Business and homeowners and their tenants have the legal obligation to provide the public with safe properties. This includes adequately maintaining their property and being a responsible pet owner.  For any injuries sustained due to these circumstances, the persons or parties responsible can be held liable. These areas of personal injury law are known as premises liability; which protects the rights of the injured and entitles you to compensation.

Our lawyers at Larsen, Larsen, Nash & Larsen, are prepared to handle these types of injury cases. With the support of our firm, you can recover complete compensation for the costs associated with your injury. This coverage for compensation includes medical costs, as well as for the other associated expenses, such as clothing or property damage, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering.

Causes Of Premises Liability Cases

Many types of accidents can occur when a property has been neglected. If your injury is a result of a property being poorly maintained or a dog bite due to an irresponsible pet owner, you may have a valid case. It is important to contact a premises liability lawyer in Salt Lake City who can review your case and options. Common causes for premises accidents include the following:

  • Liquid spills not promptly disposed of
  • Objects left on stairways or in walkways
  • Ice or snow left on sidewalks, driveways or on steps
  • Poor lighting
  • Failure to properly maintain an elevator or escalator
  • Failure to repair a structural defect or impediment
  • Failure to supply appropriate signs warning walkers of a dangerous floor or area
  • Failure to adhere to pet owner guidelines

Reliable Premises Liability Attorneys

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