Why You Need A Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

WHAT IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? The term “domestic violence” consists of violent or aggressive behavior at home, typically involving the abuse of a spouse or partner. Domestic violence can also include any cohabitant, not just a spouse or partner. In the state of Utah, crimes that involve a cohabitant generally fall under domestic violence; including the […]

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Expungement Utah

A criminal record poses many challenges. Especially for someone applying for housing, a new job, or a professional license. As a result, people turn to expungement Utah. What is Expungement? The process of expungement “seals” a legal record of an arrest or criminal conviction. According to the law, it is erased.  Similarly, this process can […]

Expungement & When You Need It

Expungement is a process ordered by the court in which a person’s legal record for an arrest or a criminal conviction is sealed or erased.  When a legal record is expunged, the process may also be called “setting aside a criminal conviction.” What Does Getting Your Record Expunged Mean? With an Expungement, the court orders […]