Pulled Over Again? When to Hire A DUI Attorney

Utah residents may have to think again about having another drink before driving home. As of December 30th, 2018 the blood-alcohol content limit is being lowered to 0.05. This is the strictest DUI standard throughout the country. The National Transportation Board has been pushing to lower the standard for years, and the state of Utah is the first and only to be incorporating it. Over the last 5 years, Utah has seen an average of over 20 DUI arrests a day. Additionally, despite how common, it is a very serious criminal charge. If you find yourself in this category, here are a few things to consider about hiring a DUI attorney:

Hiring a Salt Lake City DUI Attorney 

Most DUI arrests are handled without any legal representation. You probably don’t need a lawyer if you are a first time offender; there were no injuries, and it’s highly likely you will be convicted of a DUI. Although, because of the severity of the charge, it would be wise to consider hiring a DUI Lawyer.  It is recommended to hire a DUI attorney for the following reasons:

  • You have a commercial drivers license (e.g. truck driver, delivery person,  bus driver, etc.).
  • A person was killed or seriously injured as a result of your DUI.
  • There has been a previous DWI or DUI arrest.
  • You believe that you are innocent.
  • There is a good chance of getting charges reduced.

DUI Lawyers that specialize in alcohol and drug-related cases become experts. Their expertise can be very beneficial to getting your charges or sentencing reduced, and even possibly having your case dismissed.

Reduced Sentence

Hiring a DUI lawyer can assist in having your sentence reduced, whether you plead guilty or are found guilty. For instance, your lawyer can work out a deal in which you’d agree to plead guilty if your punishment for the DUI gets reduced. Some circumstances where this would be a good option would include:

  • A person was killed or harmed as a result of your DWI
  • Your BAC registered very high.
  • You were under the influence of drugs other than alcohol while driving.

In these cases, you would most likely serve jail time, your license would be suspended, and/or you would be required to pay a sizeable fine.

Dropped Charges

There are several reasons why your DUI case can be completely dropped, most of which require a very strong understanding of laws and legal precedents that only lawyers typically have at their disposal. An experienced DUI attorney can analyze your case, and determine whether or not you can pursue having the charges against you dropped.

What to Look for in a DUI Attorney Salt Lake City

When looking to hire a DUI lawyer, consider these factors:

  • Their knowledge of the DUI/DWI state laws.
  • The portion of your case they will handle directly.
  • Cost for their services.
  • Their relationship with the prosecution.

Don’t gamble with your future. Choose a DUI attorney that will make a difference. If you are arrested for drunk driving, driving while intoxicated, or under the influence, hiring a knowledgeable DUI attorney will be worth your time and money. Call on the experts at Larsen Larsen Nash & Larsen today at (801) 964-1200 to get the best defense possible.

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