Changes You Need To Make After A DUI Conviction

Receiving a DUI may seem trivial for now, but later on in life, having a DUI Salt Lake City on your personal record can cause a lot of trouble in ways you cannot even imagine. It is important that you take steps to correct your bad personal habits to prevent the possibility of another DUI from happening, or worse getting in a major car accident because you were intoxicated.

Below are a few safe driving tips which will prevent you from receiving another DUI Salt Lake City.

Knowing When Driving Is Not A Wise Decision-DUI  

A major cause of accidents occurs on the road when you do not have access to a hundred percent of your faculties. Take the conscious decision not to drive yourself home if you are under the influence. Ask a friend to drive you home or call a cab. Excessive abuse of alcohol or drugs is what got you the DUI in the first place. So obviously the best way to prevent DUI Salt Lake City is by quitting your bad personal habits or drinking too much and/or doing drugs. If you struggle giving up drinking or drugs, getting professional help from a therapist. Meanwhile, get the support of a friend who is sober and avoid driving under the influence.

Avoid driving if you are sleep deprived, tired and fatigued. Avoid driving when you are drowsy. Driving while drowsy is just as dangerous as driving intoxicated.

When you take medicines and your judgment gets clouded, don’t drive. Read labels, get doctors advice about safe driving while medicated. They charge you with a DUI Salt Lake City even if you have a legally prescribed drug.

The most common form of DUI Salt Lake is when you drive, thinking you are sober but you are actually not. The recommended time to wait is around 6 hours. The more you have had to drink, the more you need to sober up before driving. The safest thing you can do is not drive at all.

Distractions While Driving

People often think that they can multitask and they think they are saving a lot of time by communicating on the phone while driving. The truth is, talking or texting on the phone while driving, is just as dangerous as drinking and driving.

Do not let anything else distract you while you are driving. Put your phones on silent, put away all distractions. Texting and driving are actually illegal, and so is accepting a call when driving unless you are hands-free. Today it is illegal to use any smartphone devices while driving unless it is hands-free.  So if you absolutely have to be on the phone while driving, you better use a Bluetooth device.

If you need to talk on the phone urgently, pull over when you can before talking. Driving a vehicle requires your utmost attention. Just driving even without distractions is a multi-tasking event. 

Error On The Side Of Caution

Defensive driving is the safest form of driving. This type of driving involves anticipation of problems before they can occur. You need to be ready for any issues that may occur. This minimizes any damages in case of an unexpected accident.

When driving defensively, you assume that the others sharing the road may not follow traffic rules and be prepared for a worst-case scenario.

You basically, acknowledge the fact that you are not the only one who could possibly make a mistake. Train yourself to predict the issues you may encounter during driving and take measures to prevent the accidents from occurring. In case there is an accident, defensive driving offers you protection. Erring on the side of caution will prevent you from being accused of careless driving. There is also a better chance you will receive your insurance payout in case of damages.

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