So You’ve Hit A Guy On The Road – What Now?

So You’ve Hit A Guy On The Road – What Now?

These personal injury incidents are all too common. You’re making your way downtown, driving fast, people passing – and YOU CRASH. You thought I was going to say “You’re homebound” aren’t you? Nah, just checking how well you know your 2000’s playlist (Nice song btw V. Carlton!). But really, these scenarios really do happen often. In America alone, civilian car crash accidents rose to 37,133 back in 2017. This ridiculously high incidences of personal injury cases can really make you think.

What if this happens to me?

After encountering so many people with the same case, I’ve observed one popular expression present in the faces of drivers who find themselves caught in-between situations like these – each one of them literally looks like a deer in headlights. You know how when things happen so fast, you just end up staring into space looking like you’re having a hard time processing what’s going on around you. Yes, that kind of expression.

It just gets interesting after this point though. The next few minutes after the car accident are crucial. You either become a newly baptized criminal or a debt-ridden guy. When it comes to a personal injury case, the latter would be a more promising path to go down in.

Car Accident Emergency Drill

The government often gives seminars and drills in handling natural catastrophes and emergencies. I suggest they give one for car accidents too. After all, a car accident basically qualifies as a catastrophe – from the driver’s point of view. But since there’s still no official “personal injury” emergency protocol for this kind of incident, we’ll improvise our own.

When you crash into someone on the road, follow these three (3) important steps:

  1. Do Not Run Away

Know that initially, nothing is your fault – yet. If you opt for a hit and run then everything becomes your fault automatically. Instead of doing community service and paying hospital bills, you’ll become a total renegade and may be found guilty by default. So remain calm and seated. Clear your head. Breathe in and out. When you regain your composure proceed to step two.

Remember, a real man (or woman) can face life’s greatest ordeals squarely. Running away is practically the same as admitting you’re at fault.

  1. Snap Out Of  Your Trance And Get Up From The Driver’s Seat

Stop being a deer and get out of your seat the moment you’ve come to your senses. Someone could be in agonizing pain out there – go help out. It’s your car that did the damage, innocent or not, it is your natural responsibility as a fellow human to offer aid to those in pain or have a personal injury.

  1. Assess The Situation

After dialing 911 or calling a paramedic over, it’s time to assess your own situation. Recall the incident and find out how and why the accident happened. Was your driving really at fault? Many cases of car accidents happen because people themselves are careless with crossing highway streets. Some are guilty of jaywalking or red-light crossing. In these cases, you’re hardly the one at fault. If anything, you become the victim and will not be held responsible for any unintended damage.

A conclusion you may not have come to realize if you ran away right after the crash.

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