Free to Speak But Never To Insult or Abuse

Free to Speak But Never To Insult or Abuse

I’m just saying what I think.

Don’t I have the right to express my views?

Is Freedom of Speech not a part of this country’s constitution?

These are just a few of the lines people often use online and offline.

The world is changing. What were once taboos are now beginning to normalize. Everyone is starting to grow their own personal perspectives of the world and what were once little voices are now roaring like thunder. In other words, change, technology, and multimedia have influenced the way people think.
Now, people feel empowered to give life to their thoughts; to speak louder than they ever had before. This changed world feels fantastic. What was once mere ideals are now a reality. However, not every person channels this change positively.

Really now, what is it with humanity trying to abuse every privilege they get?

What Is Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is every man’s irrevocable right to express his or her own personal views about various topics and issues. It also talks about a person’s right to defend himself against false, erroneous, or framed accusations. Freedom of speech comes with being human and no one in this world has the right to keep you from standing up for your own views and opinions – that is, without due process of law.

So Does Freedom Of Speech Automatically Grant People The Right To Say Whatever They Want?

There is more to Freedom of Speech than simply saying whatever you want. There’s a proceeding clause to it actually. People have an immutable right to expressing his or her opinions and views so long as it does not cause undue harm or violate another person’s human rights. Or as modern-day kids like to say, hashtag RESPECT.

So dismissing a rude or violent comment as simply your way of exercising your right to Freedom of Speech remains unjustified. You can’t say to a woman’s face that she is “disgustingly ugly she deserves to die” and hope to get away with it by citing your right to Freedom of Speech. In the same way that it is still inviolably someone to tell him, “he is a parasite to the human race.”

Freedom of Speech does not give you the right to insult or abuse others.

And it most definitely does not give you permission to bully anyone – online or offline.

Freedom of Speech is a gift. And it should be treated like so. You are free to speak your mind but never at the expense of others. Again, saying anything with the intention to ridicule, put down, hurt, or violate another person is not under the tenets of Freedom of Speech – it’s called blatant disregard for another person’s human rights. And some offenses can be so vicious and ignorant that it might as well be considered against the law.

Next time you exercise your Freedom of Speech make sure you remember these words:
“Every word that comes out of your mouth can either make or break others. Be careful of what you say.” Freedom of Speech is not to ridicule or abuse another person. Call Larsen Nash in Salt Lake City at (801) 964-1200 for help with bullying or verbal abuse.