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What Types of Damages can a Victim Pursue in a Utah Medical Malpractice Claim?

A medical malpractice lawyer in Salt Lake City helps victims of medical negligence to pursue two basic types of damages: Economic damages represent the actual expenses resulting from the injuries sustained due to medical negligence. Noneconomic damages are more challenging to quantify, representing emotional and other losses such as pain, suffering and inconvenience. Operating under the recognition […]

When Do I Need to Retain an Attorney for a Workers Compensation Claim in Salt Lake City?

The Utah Workers Compensation system makes claim filing easy for injured workers, who can leave the paperwork to other parties after notifying their employers of an injury. Since issues related to liability typically do not come into play, the process tends to be relatively straightforward. However, an experienced workers compensation lawyer in Salt Lake City […]

What is a Presumptive Personal Representative in a Utah Wrongful Death Claim?

Utah law identifies a presumptive personal representative as the person to handle the responsibilities of wrongful death claims, based on relationship to the deceased. This role involves addressing many legal details during a period of personal stress and grief for the close loved one who takes on this role. Most presumptive personal representatives require assistance from a […]