A Lawyer’s Role In A Personal Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured and think that negligent or willful conduct may be involved, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is whether you should consult an attorney. You may think that the facts of your case are so strong that explaining your case in a court of law will be a cakewalk. You may also wonder if a lawyer will charge you too much money for their services.

The reality is that the right lawyer will work very hard on your behalf and greatly improve your chances of succeeding with your claim. More specifically: 

  • The right lawyer can advise you regarding the scope and strength of your case: A good lawyer will help you determine the parties against whom you have a claim and can advise you as to the amount of damages you should seek. In addition, a lawyer can help you determine whether to sue at all. If the facts of your case are not strong enough under the relevant federal or state laws, it may be a waste of your time and money to file a lawsuit. 
  • The right lawyer can assist with settlement negotiations: Personal injury cases often settle out of court. The right lawyer will negotiate on your behalf to reach a settlement that is in your best interests. The defendant may also agree to a more favorable settlement if you are represented by an attorney during negotiations.  
  • The right lawyer will find and present the relevant evidence supporting your claim: If your case proceeds to court, the right lawyer will investigate your case and obtain and organize the evidential support you will need for your lawsuit to succeed. 
  • The right lawyer will follow the civil procedures required by a court of law:Courts often require certain documents to be filed within certain deadlines. The right lawyer will know the relevant procedures and make sure they are followed. Failure to follow the rules can have severe adverse consequences for your case.

Personal injury lawsuits can be a complex process, whether fully litigated or settled out of court.  Finding the right personal injury lawyer is an essential component in navigating the process effectively. If you have been searching for the right lawyer for your personal injury case, search no more. Contact the skilled personal injury attorneys at Larsen, Larsen, Nash & Larsen for a free consultation.