Social Media On Your Criminal Case

The Impact Of Social Media On Your Criminal Case

Do you know the impact social media can have on your criminal case? You may think that once a post is deleted, it’s gone forever — but sadly, that’s far from reality. Even though it feels like posts are hidden away in some digital cloud, they never truly disappear. We live in an age of […]

experienced criminal defense attorney

Reduce Your Conviction: Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Utah criminal convictions bring life-altering consequences. It’s vital to understand the law’s potential impact and outcomes in such situations. Whether you face a misdemeanor or felony, the implications are significant. That’s where experienced criminal defense attorneys like Larsen Larsen Nash & Larsen come in. We navigate these legal matters with extensive expertise and provide skilled […]

Do Constitutional Rights Protect Utah Drivers from Alcohol Blood Test Requirements?

The U.S. Constitution provides protection from illegal search and seizure. However, Utah implied consent laws essentially state that licensed drivers understand the legal right of police to conduct chemical tests when they arrest drivers on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI). In other words, applying for a Utah license to drive automatically implies that you […]