Top Things To Do In Salt Lake City

Temple Square
#1 in Salt Lake City

Temple Square is a landscaped plaza filled with many iconic buildings that pertain to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It spans over nearly three-blocks and is anchored by the great Salt Lake Temple. It took 40 years to build this historic masterpiece and continues to create a hub of interest. On the temple grounds weekly meetings of church leaders, weddings, temple work, missionary work all take place on this historical site. Other amazing buildings include the Tabernacle, Assembly Hall, The Joseph Smith Memorial Building, The Beehive House where Brigham Young Lived, and other monuments that provide insight to the history of the Mormon church. Temple Square also offers the largest genealogy library in the world. So once you’ve toured the sites and viewed the beautiful gardens, make sure to stop in at the library and catch up on some family history.

Salt Lake City Public Library
#2 in Salt Lake City

The stunning Salt Lake Public Library is a great place to stop whether you like to read or look at beautiful architecture. It is located in the downtown Salt Lake City area and is filled with more than 500,000 books as well as many cozy corners ideal for getting lost in a book. Most of the people comment that the architecture alone is enough of a reason to visit. The library offers a friendly staff and an on-site cafe along with a variety of shops and additional cafes just outside the library. For those that love to read outdoors, there is a beautiful garden fit for a relaxing read.

Great Salt Lake
#3 in Salt Lake City
The Great Salt Lake is the biggest natural lake west of the Mississippi River, measuring in at approximately 1,700 square miles. The lake’s name comes from the content of the water, it is filled with salt. Once the water evaporates it leaves behind mineral deposits of salt, making it a great place to have a salt mill. Many visitors to the Great Salt Lake enjoy picnic areas, boating, fishing and hiking trails.

Liberty Park
#4 in Salt Lake City

Liberty Park is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the city limits. Just head over to the parks 80 acres of all kinds of outdoor activities. These include bike paths, a pons, concession stands, picnic areas, rides, playgrounds and volleyball and tennis courts. This park has a plethora of things to including checking out the aviary and greenhouse which residents recommend exploring. Overall, this is a great family friendly park for any gathering.

Park City
#5 in Salt Lake City

Park City was originally a mining town but now it is home to Ski fanatics around the world. It is located just 30 minutes southeast of Salt Lake City. Park City is home to some of the world best ski resorts including Park City Mountain Resort that welcomes skiers and snowboarders of all levels and Deer Valley Resort that is exclusively a ski resort. Snowboarding is prohibited at this resort but offers groomed runs and 10 restaurants on-site. Whether you are just starting out or a weathered skier, Park City Mountain Resort or Deer Valley Resort has something to offer for everyone.

Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort
#6 in Salt Lake City

Skiing is one of the main reasons people visit Utah. It is known for the best snow on earth! The cultural and historic attraction is very interesting but it is definitely the snow that brings so many visitors to Utah. Salt Lake City is so close to many ski attractions which makes it very convenient if you want to visit or live in the city and ski whenever you want. The Snowbird and Summer Resort is also home to some of the states best skiing. It spans over 2500 acres and includes 169 runs and a 3,240-foot vertical drop. The ski slopes are often said to rival those in Colorado. Novice and advanced skiers both have plenty of snow to plow in these parts.

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