My First Home in West Valley City


Purchasing a home can be an exciting yet stressful time in your life. I chose to add planning a wedding and get married at the same time. Nuts or genius? I’ll tell you the story then you can decide.

Sometimes having something to distract me around a crazy time is quite beneficial for me. The wedding was coming together for the most part, but we would run into little hiccups every now and then, but instead of stressing out about it, I would look for homes. We had a relative that was a real estate agent, so I was able to search on the MLS and go look at houses whenever we wanted to. Which was really nice. If we did find a house we were interested in, then we would schedule to see it.

Being a fairly young couple, and not very well established, our home choices were limited.  The majority of the homes we did find were run down and needed a lot of work. Those ones were not very appealing to us so it got a little frustrating. I kept positive and knew we would find the perfect house for us. We wanted to have a house we could move into once we got married, so the time was ticking away rather quickly.

On a beautiful afternoon, we had the last group of 5 houses to look at. We kept coming across the same thing, old run down, ghetto type houses in our price range. On the way to our very last house, my hopes diminished as we drove up to it. We didn’t even bother to get out of the car. It was awful. The worst house we had seen. The color was dirty Pepto Bismol pink. I really couldn’t believe someone would own a house in that condition. I slowly got in the car and let out a very deep distressing sigh. My hope of moving into a house when I get married was very rapidly slipping away. Hanging my head almost in disbelief I started to cry. When I looked up to grab a tissue I saw a for sale sign out of the corner of my eye up the street.

Hope had come back to me a bit. I looked closer and I saw a cute little house that seemed to be in much better condition than all the ones we had looked at in the last month. We drove down the street and pulled into the driveway. I began to cry again, this time, tears of joy as the house was the exact amount we wanted to spend, and it was quite nice. The neighbor came over and visited with us for a bit and couldn’t stop talking about the backyard. I peeked over the fence and smiled in disbelief. There was a nice deck for entertaining, a hot tub, as well as a beautiful yard with trees, flowers, and a garden. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I instantly fell in love.

The house was perfect for us. A nice big remodeled kitchen, large family room, and 3 bedrooms. Behind us was a park, which I couldn’t ask for anything better. We went under contract, purchased the home, and moved all our stuff in a couple of days before we got married. How perfect was that? We made a few upgrades to the house and went on to have 4 children in that home. What a blessing it was.


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