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It doesn’t make a difference what charges you are confronting. The legal counselors at Larsen Nash and Larsen will speak to every customer with the most extreme regard. We endeavor to limit the unfavorable impacts on your life. We stand behind Utah criminal cases in the following areas:  traffic offenses, domestic violence, drug crimes, misdemeanors as well as felonies.



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In the event that you have been harmed in an auto collision, depend on an expert personal injury lawyer to deal with your case. The legal advisors of Larsen, Larsen, Nash, and Larsen will battle for a reasonable settlement and handle its pressure. They will give you the customized consideration you merit.


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The punishments for a DUI in Utah are among the strictest in the whole nation. Indeed, even the most minimal punishments of a first-time DUI conviction are serious. The lawyer’s inside our Salt Lake City Law Firm are exceptionally prepared and proficient. They will probably accomplish expelled or decreased charges, minor punishments or even expungement for every customer.


Millcreek, Utah

Millcreek was the most up to date city to be settled in Utah. It occurred in the year 1848. The zone appeared to stay in an increasingly provincial region until World War II was finished. The city began to grow after the war finished and the city started to traverse Salt Lake City restrains before long. The region was as yet not joined however was a flourishing city all through the 1980s. The zone was known by a wide range of names consistently; these names included Canyon Rim, East Millcreek, and Mount Olympus. 


Millcreek was built up as a township in the year 2002 by Salt Lake City. It was produced to give nearby inhabitants more control with the counteraction of being attached/taken over by encompassing urban areas. In 2002 Millcreek was the most vigorously populated unincorporated territory in the whole Salt Lake County. Around 10 years after the fact occupants attempted to put the issue on the polling form yet not exactly 50% of the inhabitants decided in favor of Millcreek to get joined. The issue of consolidation was put on the voting form again in 2015 despite the fact that it flopped in 2012. It was decided on for joining during the 2016 political race, just as a chairman and city gathering individuals. Hotly anticipated, Millcreek, at last, turned into its very own city.


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