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At Larsen, Larsen, Nash & Larsen, we strive to uphold the law to the fullest.  No matter the charges our clients face, we represent each client with the utmost respect.  When you are charged with a criminal conviction, it can have severe consequences with lasting effects. We try to minimize any adverse effects to your life as much as possible. No matter what the criminal charge is, all of our attorneys are capable and ready to help. We represent Utah criminal cases in the areas of domestic violence, theft defense, traffic offenses, felonies, and misdemeanors, as well as drug crimes.


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Personal injury support is needed when cases involve auto accidents liability, auto accidents or wrongful death. These different areas require a personal injury lawyer with a firm knowledge of how to negotiate and receive compensation when insurance representatives, negligent parties and doctors are involved. When it comes to personal injury cases, having an experienced lawyer is the most important attribute to have. As a client at Larsen, Larsen, Nash & Larsen, you can expect more personalized attention than most larger firms can offer. This allows you the opportunity to speak with an attorney directly when you call or visit our office.



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At Larsen, Larsen, Nash & Larsen, our experienced team of lawyers is available to provide quality service to the Midvale and surrounding areas.  We have top lawyers from all over the state working at our law firm. We provide support in the areas of Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Estate Planning. Not only are we reliable and trustworthy but we have the experience to help you win in court.


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Many of the population will at some point need legal services and we have the legal help you need. The attorneys at Larsen Nash are experienced in many areas of services to provide the best legal support. Our legal team is professional,  highly trained and licensed to help with all legal problems. We have the ability to advise clients regarding their legal rights and options and we also are capable of preparing all necessary legal documents. We are ready to provide the best representation to our clients in court and government agencies.


Estate Planning

Get Your Family Estate in order in Midvale Utah

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Our Utah estate planning attorneys are ready to assist in the proper planning and handling of your personal and financial affairs. We can prepare health care and financial directives, designate medical and financial powers of attorney, and also assist in creating living trusts and wills. It is important to plan ahead and by doing so it will give you peace of mind you need. You can rely on our estate planning lawyers to assist you with all your estate planning preparations.


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Our group of valuable lawyers is supportive and attentive at Larsen, Larsen, Nash & Larsen. Our firm has been known as Utah’s most prominent law firm since the beginning of 1983. Till this day we strive to uphold the highest standards. Our ability to offer comprehensive services in a wide array of legal fields, allows us to offer the best legal advice possible. Within our law office, you will find lawyers with the highest standards and ethics. We take pride in our ability to build trusting relationships as we help support and represent our clients.


Midvale, UT

When the pioneer settlers arrived in the Utah Valley, they noticed the abundance of opportunities the land had to offer. The Mormon pioneers began to depend on the land and recognized the richness they found. They previewed the overflowing creeks and rivers and the wide open valley and saw the potential for lush agriculture land and fields. They eventually discovered the hidden minerals and ores that would the valley produce growing communities in the area of trade and industry.  The city of Midvale began to take form once this happened. The western half of the city was first developed as mining and milling area and the eastern half was formed as agriculture farms and neighborhoods.

The Old Town area of Midvale began initially as a center of industry and mining. In 1851, Mormon pioneer families began arriving to start settling the Utah valley.  The area known as Midvale blossomed during the 1870’s due to the mining taking place in Bingham Canyon and also the creation of the railroad.

The area was initially called Bingham Junction and was an important midpoint for the rail between mining in Bingham Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon.  When miners discovered silver discovered silver in the Little Cottonwood Canyon and Bingham Canyon, people from all walks of life heard the news and hurried to be a part of the great mining boom in the Salt Lake Valley, and especially Midvale.  Once the mining industry ignited, so did the rise of hotels, boarding houses, saloons, and schools. The whole mining boom created the thriving new city of Midvale.


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