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The lawyers at Larsen Larsen Nash & Larsen will fight for their clients no matter how tough the case is. We work hard to represent you to our best ability.  We represent criminal justice cases including drug crimes, domestic violence, traffic offenses, theft defense, felony charges, and misdemeanor charges. When you need a reliable attorney, give Larsen Nash a call today.


Personal Injury Attorney

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Injured in a car accident? Did you have a slip and fall? Or did you have a Truck or bus accident lately? Rely on a trusting personal injury attorney to handle your case. Our top law firm will fight to get a fair settlement and win for you. You will also get the personal attention and support you need. So when you need a personal injury attorney in Herriman, West Jordan, West Valley,  Wasatch Front, or in Utah, call the right law office of Larsen Nash. 


DUI Lawyer

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If you get a Utah DUI, the penalties for a DUI in Utah are very strict and severe. Even the penalty for a first-time DUI conviction is severe.  The attorneys at our Law Firm is very professional and experienced. Our goal is to have your charges dismissed, get reduced charges, receive minimal penalties or expungement. Utah Expungement cases are very abundant and we have a lot of experience in getting records expunged. Look into how do I get my record expunged? It is best to hire a Utah DUI lawyer as soon as possible with all the harsh laws in Utah.


Salt Lake, Utah 

SLC is the biggest city in Utah, just as the state’s capital. It sits in a mountain bowl 4,300 feet up, with fast access to a wide range of understanding: four world-class ski resorts a short ways from SLC (with 10 progressively outside city confines); a lineup of slanty crevasses toward the east with a hundred options for ascending, biking, rising and outside; a Great Lake toward the west to vessel and floating; and there’s golf, too, for you golf players. 

There are many indoor exercises in SLC, too. Show and dramatization corridors that seat from 20 to 20,000. Cafés displaying nourishment from around the globe. Fabulous cinemas with IMAX screens, with nourishment and pastry decisions directly inside. Wonderful display lobbies, strip malls; and sports fields speck the city. 

Also, remember the unrivaled Temple Square, the gothic-and-shake HQ of Mormon-dom. There’s even an occasion nightlife (“even” considering the way that a couple of individuals expect a night out in Utah to be as dry as the air). SLC has anything you may need, and nothing you don’t.


Larsen Larsen Nash & Larsen

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Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

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City of Salt Lake City 

451 S State St | SLC, UT |  84111

Telephone: (801) 535-7704


Rocky Mountain Power

PO Box 25308  | SLC, UT  | 84125

Telephone:  (801) 237-2293  | Toll-free: (888) 221-1070


Dominion Energy

PO Box 45841  | SLC, UT  | 84139-0001

Toll-free:  (800) 323-5517

Emergency (24-hour service):  (800) 767-1689