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If you are in need of a  criminal defense lawyer, Larsen Larsen Nash and Larsen have more than 50 years of experience, including litigating major cases. They have the experience and resources to investigate your claim, the ability to hire the necessary experts and get you the support you deserve.

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Suffering an injury can be a very life-altering experience.  Such injuries can leave you helpless, in pain, unable to work and depressing. Looking for restitution within our legal system can be confusing and frustrating. With our law firm, you can rest assured that we will make the process as easy as possible for you, and deal with it all so you can relax and recover like you need to.


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Most people at one time in their life will need a lawyer. You never expect to have to hire a lawyer, but things happen. When it is time to find a law firm it can be a very daunting and frustrating task. No matter what you are experiencing, you can count on the West Valley Utah lawyers at Larsen Nash to take care of all your legal needs.

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We are proactive with our approach to our Utah legal services. As your attorney, we become your advocate and the person to trust. We treat our clients’ concerns as though they were our top priority and the most important issue we have. We take the time to get to know the needs of our clients and how to best serve them. The better we know about your situation, the better we can anticipate potential legal issues before they arise.

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If you have any assets, you should take the time to work with an experienced and knowledgeable estate planning attorney. If you prepare and plan for your future, you are prepared to make financial decisions when it comes to your family’s estate. Hire an estate planner and rely on an estate planning professional to help you take care of your family’s current needs and future.

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The West Valley City, Utah law firm of Larsen Larsen Nash & Larsen has set a standard of excellence when it comes providing representation to our clients. Our law firm is structured and shaped to stay on the leading edge of issues that affect our clients throughout the state of Utah. We provide personalized service and tailor our approach to fit each individual.

West Valley City, UT

West Valley City was first known as the Granger area. It was settled by Welsh Latter-day Saint pioneers who had come to Utah in 1849, with Dan Jones. Once settled, Irrigation systems and agriculture were developed in the area. Elias Smith was the one who proposed the area’s name on account of its successful farming. Often, high alkali content made farming difficult.  Eventually, there were enough saints to form a second Granger Ward in 1884. Granger and the surrounding area reached about 1,000 people in 1930 and then Hunter was settled in 1876.

Irrigation began in 1881 and fruit trees became the number one crop. The city began to experience some fast growth in the 1970s. This area that is now West Valley City consisted of four separate communities of Granger, Hunter, Chesterfield, and Redwood. These four unincorporated areas merged in 1980 to form the present-day city. West Valley City was the official venue for men’s and women’s ice hockey during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

The city unveiled an official plan to create a downtown area for the city over the course of 10 years On May 19, 2011. They would build on plans and a development that already existed. The center will include a civic center that consisted of a city hall, a courthouse, police headquarters, and a library. In addition, an eight-story Embassy Suites hotel, a plaza, and residential development, as well as the end of the TRAX Green Line.  Plus a stop on the 3500 South MAX bus rapid transit line.

Valley Fair Mall and the Maverik Center are located nearby, as is I-215. As of 2016 of the development is still incomplete. The TRAX line opened in 2011 and the hotel was opened in 2012. 


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